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Opinion Corner
People in Kentucky shared their opinions about Home Mortgage
Do you own or rent a home?
Own: 50%
Rent: 40%
Other: 10%
The recent credit crisis seems to have affected everyone. How has it affected you?
I have lost my home: 0%
I have had to downgrade my home: 0%
I am living paycheck to paycheck: 60%
I have eliminated some of my expenses in order to keep my home: 10%
It has not affected me: 30%
Other: 0%
What is the value of your house in relation to your outstanding mortgage?
I am in the red: 40%
I have some equity in my home: 50%
I own my home outright: 10%
I have no idea: 0%
Other: 0%
Have you been able to take advantage of the lower interest rates and refinance your mortgage?
Yes: 11%
I have tried but have not been successful: 22%
No: 66%
Have your savings/retirement funds been affected?
No, haven’t touched my savings/retirement: 30%
Yes, they were slightly affected: 50%
Yes, they were significantly affected/drained: 20%
Source: Survey.com
Falcon Capital Funding LLC
(606) 678-0055
213 South Main Street Suite 1
Somerset, KY
Citizens National Bank Somerset
(606) 679-6341
44 Public Square
Somerset, KY
Eagle Financial Services Inc
(606) 676-0899
111 W Hwy 80
Mortgage Brokers

Monticello Banking Company
(606) 451-0388
475 East Highway 80
Mortgage Brokers

Sams Insurance Agency
(606) 679-4488
203 E Mt Vernon
Somerset, KY
Cumberland Mortgage Inc
(606) 451-0200
225 Parkers Mill Road
Somerset, KY
Approved Financial Group Inc.
(606) 678-0550
402 Coomer Street
Somerset, KY
Mortgage Express of South Central Kentucky
(606) 679-5626
370 South Highway 27
Mortgage Brokers

Equity One Inc
(606) 679-3599
25 Eury Lane
Mortgage Brokers

Fidelity Credit Corporation
(606) 678-7171
3786 South Highway 27
Mortgage Brokers